Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beat A Speeding Ticket

Did you know that the biggest motivation for speeding tickets is the fact that they generate a good deal of income for the cities they are written as well as being beneficial to the revenue of auto insurance companies who pay for the radar guns that check the speed of moving vehicles? You should not get upset with the officer writing the ticket as he is only doing his job, which plays a part in creating revenue for both the city and the auto insurance companies. More than likely, the officer does not consider you a danger to any community when you are traveling 10 miles over a speed limit; however, he is paid to play his part in this matter, even though it is your tax money that pays his salary. You should also keep in mind that the judge who rules over your case is also just doing his job as well by aiding the city in acquiring your money. So, how do you beat a speeding ticket?

First, you should realize that the best way to beat a speeding ticket it to stay within the speed limit, thereby not having to be stopped for speeding. Also you should know that it is in your best interest to not make a practice of going over the speed limit, as reoccurrences not only show on your driving record, but it makes it even harder to be able to beat a speeding ticket if you are a habitual offender. If you do have traffic tickets of any type, which are being held against your driving record, you should make sure that they are both fought and won in court or you should pay your fines in full. Doing this will keep you out of a good deal of trouble as it can be seen that you are trying to make a difference, rather than just letting issues build up against you.

As an example, let us say that you have just been pulled over by an officer. The first thing you do is to be polite and courteous to the officer, as there is no need to get the officer upset with you, you want the officer to like you. You should also switch your car off and place your hands at 10 and 2, where your hands are visible. However, do not make the mistake of getting out of your car unless so instructed by the officer. Once the officer has received your information, then try to talk with the officer in a kindly manner. If you are unable to talk the officer out of giving you the ticket to begin with, with perhaps just a warning from them, you should challenge the speeding ticket in court.

Paying the ticket right away is only an admission to guilt. If possible have the court date set back as many times as you can, creating a long time between the episode and your day in court, as this will more than likely have either the officer forget you or not even show up in court. Both of these strategies can work for you as forgetfulness is always good in such cases, and an officer not showing up in court can have the case dismissed. You can also agree to attend traffic school while trying to beat a speeding ticket, as most judges will also dismiss the case if you do. If however you do not feel that you can beat a speeding ticket on your own, then you may want to consider the aid of a traffic ticket attorney.

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