Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beating a Speeding Ticket

Getting a speeding ticket is a great way to ruin an otherwise good day. This is true for anyone. There are, however, many factors that may be at play. You may not know it but beating a speeding ticket is not so difficult. You just have to know the law.

Things to do to beat a speeding ticket on the day of your court appearance:

1. Dress sharply and speak clearly. The judge will look at your outward appearance first. Yes, he/she will judge you instantly on that basis alone. Go in there with your hat on sideways or your jeans hanging down under your butt and you just sealed your fate. Not that you need to wear a suit, although that is a great idea here, but just dress nice and look presentable. Appearances are everything.

2. BE ON TIME!! This is so important I cannot stress it enough. Punctuality goes a long way with a lot of people. You are trying to impress and being punctual accomplishes that completely. Walk into the courtroom 10 minutes after session begins and see what reaction you get from court staff!

3. If you decide to fight the ticket, present your case in a professional, organized manner. Bring pictures of the area, of the limit signs, of where the officer was and where you were. Draw a diagram if necessary. Be sure your case is heard. You have a right to a fair trial ad to be heard.

4. Look around the courtroom. Is the cop there? If he isn't, the judge will probably throw the ticket out!

All of this is considering you already HAVE a speeding ticket.

So how do you prevent a ticket?

1. Be aware of posted limits and don't go over them. That's a no-brainer.

2. Get a really good radar detector and learn how to use it. Police radar is accepted in traffic court. This makes beating a speeding ticket very hard.

3. Use cruise control whenever possible. This works well on long trips but not so good in the city.

4. Avoid listening to the radio LOUDly. This is known to make a driver involuntarily go faster.

Some cities have those "cop cams" now at intersections. These cameras operate during busy times of the day and actually take a photo of your license plate as you go by. Some even snap a picture of your face as well.

How can you beat a speeding ticket like that? Very simple.

There are now products that obscure your license plate from those cameras. There is an aerosol spray that you apply to the outside of the license plate. It is totally invisible to you, but when the camera flashes, the light is reflected back at the camera making your plate unreadable.

Then there is a plastic cover that does the same thing as the spray.

Some states have outlawed these products (or tried anyway) to stop you from beating a speeding ticket. They are still legal and sold widely across the Internet.

As you can see, beating a speeding ticket isn't hard. It's knowing when to speak up and when to slow down.

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